Nick Cannon
does it all! From hosting, producing, recording a new album, and raising twins, the 32-year-old definitely has a busy schedule.

toofab's Candice Brock got to chat with the "America’s Got Talent" host about his upcoming projects, wife Mariah Carey's recovery, and his hilarious new album titled "White People Party Music." Plus, the father of two offers up parenting advice for new dad Kanye West!    

toofab: You seem like a very busy guy right now! Tell me about you latest project with Snapple.

Cannon: It's cool because Snapple's a great partner with "America’s Got Talent" and being integrated within the show. Right now I'm literally standing in front of Radio City Musical Hall and there’s a giant Snapple Real Fact here, a giant Statue of Liberty sandal. It’s a size 879! They’re bringing all of their real facts to life. At the same time, they're paying tribute to New York. With the show being in New York, it's a great partnership where we can touch the community.

toofab: What's a real fact about you that not a lot of people know?

Cannon: Not a lot of people may know that at 15 years old, my first national television debut was on "Soul Train." That’s a Snapple Real Fact.

toofab: Now your resurrecting "Soul Train!"  Did that experience inspire you to do that?

Cannon: It's full circle for me as an entertainer to go from someone who was standing outside of Paramount Studios dancing to get on Soul Train, to being an owner of the brand, and being the new host and producer.  

toofab: Speaking of bringing back shows, you’re bringing back "Wild 'n Out." What made you want to do that?

Cannon: We have so much fun on the show, it shouldn't have gone away. Everyone got so busy and successful. Now we have a whole new generation of young talent that gets the opportunity to showcase. At the same time, the guys who were there before get to have just as much fun and show the world that they don't take themselves as seriously as one may think.

toofab: Anything that will be different this time around?

Cannon: We shot in New York this time. So it’s a little more raw. Also, the way this generation is with social media, we get a lot more in your face and unapologetic then we were before. We’re a lot more connected. People online are so outspoken and they're into their communication and that intimate connection, I think we have that now.

toofab: Who stands out this time on "Wild 'n Out"?

Cannon: We’ve got a lot of standouts: Timothy DeLaGhetto is somebody who stands out, Emmanuel Hudson, a rapper by the name of Conceited -- all of those people are standing out in a real way. People are really responding to them  

toofab: Speaking of talent shows, who are some of your favorite "AGT" winners from seasons' past?

Cannon: I would definitely have to say Jackie Evancho. Even though she wasn't a winner, she's still probably one of the most successful people to come off the show. Having an amazing career like she does, it’s definitely remarkable. I even like last year’s winner Olate Dogs, they were very cool, to have a dog act on "America’s Got Talent," it was very cool and very unique.  

toofab: Your new album "White People Party Music" ... what inspired this title?

Cannon: It’s a fun title!  From deejaying all over the world, I have a playlist with certain songs that are labeled white people party music. It’s everything from Rick Springfield and "Jessie's Girl," Journey, and Young MC's "Bust a Move." Those songs that get the crowd going like crazy. No matter what party you’re at, if there are some white people there, they’re having more fun than anybody.  

toofab: What genre would you put this album under?

Cannon: It’s a fun genre! Journey to Young MC, that’s its own genre. They’re songs that make people feel good.

0722_carey_insettoofab: You wife Mariah just dislocated her shoulder, how is she doing after that?

Cannon: She’s doing a lot better, but she still doesn’t have movement in her right arm, there’s nerve damage. Her shoulder is definitely a lot better, back in place, but she also had some cracked ribs. She can’t move. The fact that she doesn’t have use of her right arm right now has been pretty tough on her, but the doctor said with a lot more rest and relaxation she’ll be fine.

toofab: We’ve seen her out still performing, not many people could do that!

Cannon: It's amazing, it just shows how much of a trooper and how strong she actually is, to be able to do that. She not only was on stage less than a week later, but also back on the video set hours after the accident

toofab: Speaking of your family you have twins [Moroccan and Monroe]. Any advice for new dad Kanye West?

Cannon: It’s all about the name. Be careful what you name your child, that’s all I have to say!

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