Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" is topping charts, and paving the way for some awesome spoofs!

From the the pop song's latest Bill Clinton mashup, which shows the President's lipdub from various speeches,  to Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious cameo with his security guard Guillermo, the adorable remix of  "The Cosby Show" and Funny or Die's version where half-dressed men makeup the not-so-sexy video -- we're loving these parodies!

Check out some of our favorite "Blurred Lines" video spoofs below! (Warning: PG13 Video Content)

Bill Clinton's "Blurred Lines" lipdub:

Jimmy Kimmel gets in on the Robin Thicke action:

Bill Cosbey rocks out to the pop song on "The Cosby Show":

Funny or Die turns the tables with half-dressed men dancing to the sexy song:

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