Joe Jonas found himself in the hot seat on "Watch What Happens Live" Tuesday.

Host Andy Cohen asked the pop star to rank Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez from favorite to least favorite. Check out his candid answer below:

Surprisingly -- or perhaps not -- Joe named his ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato as his favorite, followed by Miley Cyrus (who his younger brother Nick dated) and Selena Gomez.

"Me and her are very cool now, so favorite's Demi."

Joe's words echoed an interview Demi did with ABC News a few months ago, where she admitted to being mad at her ex before mending things:

"We were in a relationship and we broke up, and at one point, I was really mad at him," Demi revealed. "Now, I can, fortunately, say, that him, and his brother Nick, have always been there for me, and are literally family, and like brothers … we have a great friendship. And we may not be as close as we used to be, but that's OK."

As for why Selena was his least favorite, Joe played it safe, explaining, "cuz I haven't seen her in awhile."

Kevin Jonas would probably put Selena at the bottom of his list too, judging by his response when asked who the most overrated pop star is. Check out his not-so-subtle diss:

Who is your favorite?

It's only fair to ask...

Meanwhile, Kevin's wife Danielle just posted this cute photo on Instagram. The newly pregnant reality star made her first baby purchase at Marshalls in Parsippany, NJ for a fabulous pairs of booties and posh blanket.


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