Little Ruthie Camden has gone from preacher's daughter to Maxim pinup!

"7th Heaven" star Mackenzie Rosman is the latest former child star to strip down for the men's magazine, following in the half-naked footsteps of Alyssa Milano, Miley Cyrus, Danielle Fishel and Ashley Tisdale.

In the accompanying article, Rosman -- now 23 -- opens up about "7th Heaven" drinking games, her celebrity crush and former costar Jessica Biel's infamous topless photo shoot.

Maxim: Are there any 7th Heaven drinking games?

Mackenzie: No, but I would like to see one. You could drink whenever Ruthie rolls her eyes or when Lucy squeals.

Maxim: Do you remember when she [Jessica Biel] did that topless shoot for Gear magazine while she was on the show?

Mackenzie: I was probably nine at the time, but I remember that. It was a big deal. The magazine was banned on set, I think by orders of Aaron Spelling. I sneaked a peek at it, though. It was racy gossip amongst the women of 7th Heaven!

Maxim: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Mackenzie: I used to have a really big crush on Hayden Christensen. 

See more from her racy spread over at Maxim's website. Mackenzie's issue hits newsstands August 13.

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