Justin Bieber has come under fire again -- this time from people that have absolutely nothing in common with the 19-year-old pop star!

The Golden Sisters -- Mary Bartnicki, Josie Cavaluzzi, and Teresa Dahlquist -- have weighed in on everything from Kim Kardashian's sex tape to "50 Shades of Grey," and now they're sharing their opinions about the Biebs.

The senior sisters (Mary's 82, while twins Josie and Teresa are 75) watched TMZ's clip of Justin urinating in a mop bucket and weren't too pleased:

"Too much too soon, too famous too soon," Mary opined.

"Put your mind in gear before you put your d--k in motion," Josie advised.

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And for more candid Justin Bieber moments, click on the "Launch Gallery" below:


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