"Catfish" is known for its big reveals -- and while we usually feel bad for the person who was hoodwinked, last night it was a different story.

On Tuesday night's episode of the MTV reality show, we were introduced to Mike, a good-looking guy who had a three-year-long online relationship with a girl named Kristen.

After sending nude photos to her and turning down women in real life for far too long, Mike was ready to meet his cyber-girlfriend with the help of Nev Schulman and Max Joseph.

The warning signs were all there: The two lived 40 miles away but never met, they had no webcam chats and Kristen had a bizarre car accident story involving a fake eye.

Turns out, the fake eye thing was real ... but the photos she had been sending Mike were not.

Kristen (real name Kristyn) had lied about her name and her appearance -- sending him pics of another girl the entire time they were talking.

Mike was very cold during their meeting, where Kristyn revealed why she did what she did.

She says her real life car accident resulted in her boyfriend at the time dumping her, a 130-pound weight gain and complete alienation from all the people she thought were her friends.

Texts from Mike like "Don't worry about ur eye... Ur beautiful inside" were all that kept her going at a point in her life when she was considering suicide.

Heavy stuff, for sure.

The lies about her appearance and name were enough to keep Mike from pursuing a relationship with Kristyn. A reasonable reaction, for sure, but we can't help but feel for Kristyn here, too.

Thankfully, Max and Nev brought some levity to the situation later -- when they asked Kristyn TO POP OUT HER EYE!

She happily obliged. Check it out the clip above.

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