Spencer Pratt celebrates his Dirty 30 today -- and he'll be marking the occasion in the most Speidi way possible. 

While we don't know what Spencer and Heidi Montag are up to today, the former stars of "The Hills" will be hitting the strip club together very soon for a birthday bash.

Heidi will be hosting a party for her husband at the Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas on August 31 -- a fiesta that will include a "special surprise performance" for Pratt.

Whatever it is, we really hope Montag and her amazing songs are a part of it.

The two have been keeping busy since their time on "The Hills" -- from filing for divorce for publicity and actually getting arrested for firearm possession in 2010 to joining "Celebrity Big Brother" in the UK earlier this year.

Check out the gallery above to see how the rest of the gang from the MTV reality show and its predecessor, "Laguna Beach," have fared in the gallery above!

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