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Danielle Harris dressed like a cute clown back in 1988's "Halloween 4" ... now, this is her idea of a costume.

The former child star -- who also starred in "Halloween 5" and Rob Zombie's two recent remakes -- hit Las Vegas over the weekend for the Palms' Midsummer Lingerie Carnival.

But no, that's not lingerie she's wearing -- it's paint!

Wearing little more than pasties to preserve her modesty, the 36-year-old's bra, underwear, garter and fishnets were hand-painted onto her body by artist Kelly Belmonte.

The whole event was reportedly filmed by SyFy for an upcoming body painting reality show.

It's definitely a surprising transformation -- but what happened to more young horror movie stars from movies like "The Exorcist," "The Omen," "Child's Play" and "Children of the Corn"?

Check out the gallery above to see them now!

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