It's time for this week's best celebrity twitpics, with the emphasis on the twit.

Okay, that's pretty harsh ... but former "Bachelorette" Trista Sutter did make a super embarrassing mistake.

Check out the cute homemade sign Trista made for her son Maxwell. Notice the mistake? Yup, she got the year wrong. In case you forgot, it's 2013!

"I was so excited for my baby boy's big day that I put the wrong year! #i'llneverlivethisdown #stillaveryproudmama," she tweeted after realizing her mistake.

But, we still think she's a great mom for doing this. As for doting dads, check out this cute shot of Wiz Khalifa cozying up his son Sebastian. Miley Cyrus got cozy too ... with a giant bear. Who knew she was into furries?

For even more celebrity candids, including a vampy Hilary Duff and lots of cute dogs, click on the "Launch Gallery" link above!

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