Watch out Lady Gaga -- Madonna can make creepy teasers too!

In the just-released video for Madonna's #SecretProjectRevolution collaboration with photographer Steven Klein, we see the 55-year-old wearing all black and behind bars as she softly sings "My Country, "Tis of Thee."

While the video starts off in a more mild yet sinister tone, things get very volatile by the end -- check out the singer's new promo above!

Not much is known about the pop star's #SecretProjectRevoltuion, but judging from this clip, it looks pretty dark.

The video directs viewers to which displays the following message on the site:

Madonna & Steven Klein invite you to start your own revolution of love. We have created this platform to give people around the world an opportunity to answer the question: "What does freedom mean to you?

We're not sure what exactly this is teasing -- guess we'll have to wait until September 24.

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