He's one of the highest paid players in the NFL. She's the world's top-earning supermodel.

With their combined income, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen could have any house they desire -- but they built their own! The celebrity couple opened their Los Angeles abode to Architectural Digest, and it's impressive yet inviting -- built with family in mind.

"I like simplicity and coziness," Gisele told the magazine of their Richard Landry-designed home. "I want to live in a place that feels like a real home, where you can put your feet up on the couch and just relax." Tom added, "Gisele and I have eight sisters between us, and there are lots of kids. We built this house as a sanctuary for our family -- a place where we can enjoy being together."

Their family includes three kids: baby Vivian, three-year-old Benjamin, and six-year-old John, Tom's son with Bridget Moynahan.

The home isn't only family-friendly, it's eco-friendy, too. The home was built with many recycled and environmentally-friendly materials, and has solar panels that power the entire property.

Click on the "Launch Gallery" link above to see all the photos. If you've ever wondered what a supermodel's closet or QB's gym looks like, you're in luck!

You can pick up a copy of AD's October issues on newsstands or download a digital copy here.

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