media_removed_toofab 2013 

Before Ozzy Osbourne, there was another man in Sharon Osbourne's life -- and you'll never believe who it was!

The talk show co-host revealed a surprising hookup from her past today on "The Talk," telling us all more than we ever wanted to know about her sex life ... or the sex life of her secret celeb ex.

Just watch the clip above and find out why the entire panel freaked out when she revealed the man's identity.

For the record, this was when Sharon was 25, a couple years before she even met Ozzy. Her celeb suitor is only three years older than her and wasn't married at the time.

This definitely goes down in history as one of the most random celeb hookups ever, right? See more surprising exes in the gallery below:

media_removed_toofab 2013

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