Usually the tricksters on "Catfish" lie about who they are to get attention from online crushes -- but this girl did it for the free stuff.

On last night's episode of the MTV show, Aaliyah desperately wanted to meet the girl of her dreams. Even though Alicia lived minutes away, the two had never met -- with Alicia telling Aaliyah she couldn't because she wasn't out to her friends and family.

The warning signs were there: Alicia's sister said she had a boyfriend and lied about having a job, while Aaliyah sent her things like a brand new iPhone.

And the hopeful romantic had her dreams shattered when Nev Schulman and Max Joseph finally arranged a face-to-face:

"You were my job." Harsh! It was definitely one of the MTV reality show's more cruel reveals.

Aailyah showed some serious maturity in the situation though, letting Alicia keep the iPhone and giving her a chance to apologize to her. Alicia later admitted to caring about her online target ... just not in that way

How do you think Aaliyah should have reacted in this situation?

Watch the full episode over at MTV.com.

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