"The X Factor" is just getting better and better!

On Thursday, the night brought some great performances and a few cringeworthy ones -- including one from Simon Cowell, who was forced to show off his vocal talents (or lack thereof).

First, let's start with the best performance of the night -- Simone Torres.

The 19-year-old aspiring performer from Long Island sang "Mustang Sally," and killed it! Her voice is well beyond her very young years.

Check out her awesome singing skills below, and see her family's adorable reaction!

Of course, not all of the auditions were as impressive as Simone, who had each of the judges dancing and raving about her voice. She even got Cowell to crown her as the "best audition" of the night!

On the other side of the spectrum, there was Russ Pouliot -- the self-proclaimed next Frank Sinatra.

Unfortunately, Russ did not impress the judges ... or us ... with his very, very unusual sound. Simon even said Pouliot's voice is what he would imagine singing under water sounds like. Ouch. Check out his performance below!

The judges, who were noticeably unimpressed with Russ' "clasicailly trained" voice, led Simon to do one awful (yet great) impersonation of what Pouliot sounded like. Clearly both Cowell and Russ can't carry a note! Check out Simon's brutal imitation below!

What do you think of Simon's voice? Who was your favorite singer of the night? Tell toofab in the comment section below!

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