Lord Disick is trying to live up to his name.

Kourtney Kadashian's baby daddy Scott Disick took to Instagram on Friday -- posting some photos that will probably make you realllllly angry.

No word on what set him off, but he went on a photo tirade -- proving his wealth by posting photos of his brand new car, collection of diamond-studded watches, Louis Vuitton and Hermes bags and a roll of toilet paper made from $100 bills.

Yes, toilet paper.

In another shot, he's seen holding a wad of hundreds to his head like a cell phone -- with the message "Hello, peasant's is that u? #f**ku."

Some fans though it was hilarious, while others called him out on his ridiculous over sharing.

"That's ridiculous- not cool! Rather than show it off- give it to a charity that can put the money towards something good," one fan posted.

What do you think? Tell us how you really feel about Scott below.

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