The makeup and wardrobe departments at "The Walking Dead" do a reallllly good job making some very pretty people look totally unappealing.

But one of the zombie apocalypse show's stars is showing what she actually looks like under all the grime, blood and guts -- and she's stunning!

Lauren Cohan (AKA "Maggie") puts her sexy side on display for the October issue of Maxim, cleaning up and stripping down for a sizzling spread.

Rocking a cat eye and some retro lingerie, Cohan smolders while talking about surviving a real life attack from the undead and revealing her unlikely celebrity crush.

So ... who is it? "Jeff Bridges. It's not a romantic crush; it's just kind of an everything crush. I love him as an actor. I love his voice. I love his smile," she says. "OK, now it sounds romantic - but it's not!" 

But seriously, how great does she look? Just a reminder, here she is in Maxim (left) ... and her on the AMC gorefest (right):

But she's hardly the only star of the show to look like a totally different person once they're off the set.

Check out the gallery above to see all the shocking transformations the entire cast goes through to look like they've been battling a never-ending onslaught of walkers.

Season 4 of "The Walking Dead" returns October 13 -- download our calendar to find out when every new and returning show premieres.

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