After 5 seasons of perfection, "Breaking Bad" ends Sunday night -- and while we don't know how it'll all go down, we do know quite a few shocking facts about how it became the award-winning show it is today.

Like, did you know two other big name actors were in the running to play Walter White ... and they both turned it down? You won't believe who AMC initially wanted!

It's been a wild ride full of drugs, Flynn and his love for breakfast, Aaron Paul shouting "Bitch" and a whole lot of Bryan Cranston in his tighty-whities.

And we'll definitely miss the show when it's gone.

Before we say goodbye to the cast with the sure-to-be-epic series finale, check out 22 things you probably never knew about "Breaking Bad" above.

How do you think it'll all end? We can't wait to see your theories.

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