0930_swift_singleTaylor Swift graces the November cover of Glamour UK magazine (via Daily Mail) -- where she opens up about her high-profile dating life and dealing with public criticism. 

While Taylor has her own set of "deal-breakers," she believes that having the right kind of chemistry with someone can change everything.

"Here’s what I've learned about deal-breakers. If you have enough natural chemistry with someone, you overlook every single thing that you said would break the deal," she tells the mag. 

Swift has seen many of her friends take back their ex after infidelity issues, and while that would be a red flag for the "Red" singer, she believes if it's right, it's right. 

"I've seen my friends take someone back after they've cheated because they fit perfectly. But I don’t know, because I've never had a perfect fit with someone," she says. 

While the country cutie has had her fair share of relationships with both actors and musicians -- ones that haven't ended so well -- she's not going to stop dating stars just because they are in the spotlight. 

"You can’t say, 'I'm never gonna date a high-profile person in the arts!' But whoever I date, famous or not – whether I ever date again – all chaos will break loose," Taylor explains. 

The constant media speculation has made dating tough for the 23-year-old, but for now she is happy and single. "But right now it's easy because I’m single and happy, and it’s very relaxing," she says. 


The "22" singer also says that all she can do is be the best role model she can be -- take notes Miley Cyrus

"Yeah, I’ve taken a few hits over the years and I’m still going, 'I’m still happy!' Maybe that’s an example. It’s not just about standing on top of the mountain with the wind blowing in your hair, looking fabulous," she says. 

Taylor's definitely doing better than ever these days -- she also just landed an awesome role in "The Giver" where she'll be starring alongside Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites and Katie Holmes!

The film is expected to hit theaters August 15, 2014. 

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