Looks like Kaley Cuoco isn't the only one in the family with some talent!

The "Big Bang Theory" star's sister Briana Cuoco auditioned for "The Voice" last night -- as a very, VERY excited Kaley watched with their family backstage.

The actress' younger sister and personal assistant performed Lady Gaga's hit "You and I," and while she wasn't exactly on rhythm the entire time, two of the judges were impressed by her vocals.

Both Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green turned their chairs around during the blind audition. Watch the video above to see who Briana picked!

While the singer certainly wasn't the best of the bunch, watching her incredibly proud (and famous) sister cheer her on from backstage was adorable. She's so happy!

After Briana's segment aired, the Internet exploded with angry fans saying the show was rigged just so they could have a celebrity on it -- accusations Kaley addressed early Tuesday morning.

Think Briana has what it takes to win? Check out a few other great auditions from the early stages of the season here and here.

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