"America's Next Top Model" alums Lisa D'Amato and Joanie Dodds are reallllly close.

How close, you ask? Close enough that Joanie's tasted Lisa's placenta. Yeah, they're tight.

Lisa, who just gave birth to her first child last month, shared some very interesting photos on Twitter over the weekend -- showing the "ANTM All Stars" winner serving Joanie and friend Chris Sprague a "Placenta smoothie."

In the photo, D'Amato's buds are seen holding onto cups of the red concoction, sipping the drink as they cradle newborn Daxel.

So, how do they taste? We'll just let Lisa explain.

"Prepped my 1st placenta "hers and his" smoothies for my hub and I... Tastes like a smoothie! :-) #controversy #placentavitamins #yum," she tweeted out along with another photo of the red stuff.


While we've heard of new mothers eating their placenta, we've never seen anyone share it with someone else too ... and then document it on Twitter. What do you think of Lisa's "Placenta smoothie party" -- are you sad you didn't get an invite?

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