Kathy Bates’ real-life sadist Madame LaLaurie isn’t the only presumed-dead character coming back to “American Horror Story: Coven” this season.

A new batch of photos from the second episode, titled "Boy Parts," was just released -- and two of them tease the return of a character we really didn't expect to see again.

We won't ruin it here, but click the gallery above to see the photos in question!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

In previous interviews, series creator Ryan Murphy revealed that we also haven't seen the last of Evan Peters, whose frat boy character died in the bus crash caused by the telekinetic Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts).

The reason the episode is called "Boy Parts": Madison and Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) put Peters' Kyle together again -- creating a Frankenstein's Monster-like a boyfriend.

Nothing ever goes as planned on this show though, so we're not holding out for a happy ending.

What else can we expect this week? More info on Madame LaLaurie's return, some background on Queenie's (Gabourey Sidibe) interesting power and more screen time for Angela Bassett.

Has this season got you hooked?  

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