"The Walking Dead" returned with a vengeance last night on AMC -- with a premiere episode that had everything from new romances, pregnancy scares and even raining zombies.

And, just like any good premiere should, the hour set up some interesting story lines for the upcoming season.

Here are 5 things we can't wait to see explained in the episodes ahead!

How cool were the raining zombies?

OK, this isn't actually an unexplained question -- but it's definitely something we want to see more of!

Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, Tyreese, Sasha and newcomers Zach and Bob all went on a supply run at a nearby department store. Unbeknownst to them, a helicopter had crashed on the store's roof though -- and, once the survivors got inside, walkers start falling through the ceiling onto our human friends below.

The sequence was terrifying, with the nasty creatures violently crashing the party from above. While some exploded as they hit the ground, others went on the attack, claiming the life of Beth's boyfriend, Zach.

If this whole scenario is a sign of things to come, count us excited. It was exciting, terrifying and hinted at new story lines (Glenn and Maggie possibly conceiving, Bob's alcohol problem, etc.).

How many newcomers will actually live?

As we mentioned above, Zach was one of the first casualties of the season -- and we can safely say he won't be the last.

The premiere introduced us to a lot of new characters and showed us even more in the background. 

But of all the new additions and their children, how many of them will actually stick around? Next episode already teases a big walker attack in the prison and we're guessing only those who actually talked in the first episode will make it out alive.

Which brings us to: What is this new virus?

It seems like next week's prison outbreak will be started by the corpse of young Patrick -- who collapsed in the shower in a pool of his own blood at the end of the episode, only to instantly reanimate.

The teen appeared healthy and happy earlier in the episode. We also never saw him get bit by anything, so it looks like this sickness came out of nowhere.

Rick and Co. have also done a good job starting a farm on the prison grounds, but one of the pigs got sick for no apparent reason and later died. Same goes for a wild hog Rick saw in the forest.

Could all these deaths have anything to do with the eyeless zombie Rick was so fascinated with? Probably. Whatever this disease is, it's another baaad development for the survivors.

When will Carol and Daryl get it on?

Tyreese is hooking up with Karen, Beth's summer love that was cut short, Maggie and Glenn have been doing it like rabbits and even Carl was flirting with a new pre-teen this year. Love is clearly in the air.

But the only pairing we care about is Carol and Daryl. The two were definitely flirting more than ever last night, with Carol even calling the bad boy "Pookie." Why must they tease us so!
Speaking of Carol, we LOVE that she's teaching the kids in the prison how to protect themselves against walkers. After losing her daughter Sophia to the undead, it's clear she doesn't want any other children to meet a similar fate.

But will Carl be able to keep her lessons a secret? We'll see.

Where is the Governor?

We know he's not dead and we know that he's coming back this season -- but how long will we have to wait until The Governor makes his big return?

Apparently Michonne has been searching all over for him, spending more time away from the prison with her trusty horse than on the Grimes Compound. Our katana-wielding heroine seems confident she'll find him in Macon, Georgia -- but, if she doesn't, maybe she'll at least find some more comics for Carl!

Other Interesting Tidbits: 

- After his run-in with a feral Irish woman, we now know what Rick asks any prospective roomies. In order for a newcomer to gain access to his group's prison, they must answer three questions: How many walkers have you killed? How many humans have you killed? Why?

- Maggie isn't pregnant ... yet. While Herschel's daughter and Glenn were both relieved that she wasn't knocked up, she is open to the idea of having children. 

What did you think about the season premiere? Are you excited for the episodes to come?!

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