One of Michelle Tanner's buddies is all grown up ... and cute!

Blake McIver Ewing, who played Derek Boyd on "Full House" and was the snooty Waldo in "The Little Rascals," returned from obscurity this week thanks to Bravo.

The network premiered their new social series, "The People's Couch," on Sunday, where "real people" give their opinions on the week's best TV moments.

And one of those "real people" is Ewing, who provides commentary with a couple of his male friends.

You can check out the NSFW clip of him from the show here. Warning: There's some mature language.

So, what's he been up to in the 20 years since he first appeared on "Full House"?

After doing "The Little Rascals," Blake provided the voice for Eugene on "Hey Arnold" and has worked on recording his own music -- including the song "It Gets Better" below: 

Check out the gallery above to see how other former child stars -- including the kid who played Alfalfa in "Little Rascals" -- have aged!

And, because why not, see more TGIF stars here:


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