Did the editors at Vogue go too far? 

Kate Winslet is Vogue's November cover girl ... and her spread with the magazine has started one big Internet backlash.

On the cover Kate looks much younger than her 38 years -- she hardly has any smile lines on her face, and one of her moles is seemingly absent.

While the Photoshop used in Vogue doesn't seem any more sever than those in other magazine spreads, Kate's recent cover has sparked plenty of Twitter debates.

Here's just a few of the things the Twitter-verse has had to say about Winselt's latest cover:

"Kate Winslet Doesn't Resemble Kate Winslet's Vogue Cover." 

"Kate Winslet on the cover of Nov. issue Vogue is SO BAD. Holy Photoshop- who is that woman?!"

"Why the F--k Would You Photoshop Kate Winslet for?!"

"Photoshop Intervention: Kate Winslet." 

"Kate Winslet has always been v outspoken about Photoshop. So how did she let UK Vogue do this?"

"Please explain to me why certain photographers feel the need to use Photoshop on Kate Winslet. #mostperfectfaceontheplanet." 

Winslet isn't the only one facing airbrushing backlash this week. Britney Spears is also under fire after some leaked photos from her "Work Bitch" video shoot showed her looking different from the final product.

What do you think of Kate's Vogue spread? Sound off below, and see even more photos from her shoot with Mario Testino by clicking "Launch Gallery" above! 

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