We've seen our fair share of crazy twists on MTV's addictive reality show "Catfish," but last night one girl went too far.

Mike met Caroline on the dating website Plenty of Fish and, despite multiple attempts to meet, they were never able to successfully pull it off. 

First red flag: They live in the SAME CITY, yet never went out.

After a year and a half on online chatting, Mike called up Nev Schulman and Max Joseph to help him figure out, once and for all, if Caroline was the real deal.

Well ... surprise, surprise, she wasn't.

And while the big reveal wasn't too much of a shock, one of the things she lied about was downright awful: She told Mike she had colon cancer, using it as an excuse as to why they couldn't meet up.

Making matters worse, Mike's mom actually had cancer before he was born.

The first face-to-face was incredibly awkward, even by "Catfish" standards, as "Caroline" (real name Heather) came clean about her lies. Watch the video above.

In the end, these two didn't keep in touch. Shocker, right?

Did you watch Season Two of "Catfish"? Which episode was your favorite?

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