Well, that didn't take long!

Just four months after giving birth to baby North West, Kim Kardashian is back in her bathing suit -- and showing off her hot post-baby bod in a new sexy selfie.

The reality TV star was known for her hot TwitPics before she got knocked up with Kanye West's baby ... and it looks like she has no plan to stop sharing them now that she's a mama.

She recently revealed how she got her bod back after giving birth, tweeting that she's currently on the Atkins diet -- meaning no carbs for Kimmie!

"As soon as I pop this thing out -- as soon as I get in shape -- the first thing I want to do is Playboy or some nude shoot," she said on this week's "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." "I just wanna walk down the street fully naked. I’m gonna be the sexy hot mom."

Do you think she'll actually do Playboy again ... and do you think Kanye would want her to?

Sound off in the comments below: Should she do it?

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