This is the first in a four part fashion series with Kyle Richards.

You may know Kyle Richards as a real housewife, mom and actress, but did you know she's also the owner of a fashion boutique?

Kyle welcomed toofab's Hannah Martin to her Kyle By Alene Too store in where else -- Beverly Hills -- to talk about the hottest fall fashion trends.

And while Kyle's in sunny SoCal, she knows that women can't go bare-legged everywhere.

"For awhile there, people weren't wearing tights anymore. I was looking through all the magazines and thought, 'Is this okay?'" Kyle explained. "I think you're going to be seeing a lot of tights."

A leather jacket should be a style staple as the temperatures drop.

"I love leather jackets: electric blue, black, red, white. It just depends on the dress. It's just an easy thing to throw on for a complete look."

As for the hot colors for fall, Kyle recommends rich tones like emerald, eggplant and burgundy!

Keep coming back to toofab for more Kyle Richards' fall fashion tips and catch the premiere of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" on November 4th!


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