1024_ring_launchWith Halloween around the corner, we're counting down the days by posting five fun and freaky facts about our favorite fright flicks. Try saying that 5 times fast!

Today's feature film is "The Ring," (2002).

1. The videotape with the word "Copy" on it is same tape from the 1998 Japanese original, "Ringu."

2. The tape shows Samara walking toward the camera, but while filming, actress Daveigh Chase was actually walking backwards toward the well. See what Daveigh looks like now in the gallery above!

3. The role of Rachel was reportedly offered to Jennifer ConnellyGwyneth PaltrowKate Beckinsale and Jennifer Love Hewitt before Naomi Watts took the part.

4. Actor Chris Cooper shot scenes for a small part as a pedophile, but it never made it into the theatrical cut. His only appearance is at the end of the film as a photo in a newspaper when Noah moves his coffee cup.

5. "The Ring" is the highest grossing horror remake of all time and ended up making $129 million domestically. It's also the biggest grossing horror movie to come out around Halloween.

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