Freddie Prinze Jr. has definitely been hitting the gym lately!

You saw the photo already -- but now we've got video of his "Witches of West End" striptease ... and it's even better than we anticipated.

While he starts off his scene with a pesky grey t-shirt on, some witchy movements from Madchen Amick's Wendy causes Freddie's character to spill his wine all over it. Oh no!

The next time we see him, that top is gone -- and we see Sarah Michelle Gellar's man in all his 6-packed glory. 

Freddie's episode of the Lifetime show airs Sunday, with the 37-year-old actor playing an entomologist Wendy wants to get her hands on.

Judging from the clip, she's after more than just his body. 

Check out the gallery below to see what more of your favorite '90s and '00s teen idol pin-ups look like now! 


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