It's the battle of the bling!

Kim Kardashian isn't the only one walking around with a heavy finger these days -- as Ciara is also rocking a 15-carat engagement ring after Future popped the question.

The singer debuted her new stone at her 28th birthday last night in Houston, Texas, where she proudly showed it off the Avianne & Co. bauble to anyone who wanted a look.

The engagement news comes on the heels of Kanye West's proposal, which was an over-the-top declaration of his love for the reality TV star. 

But the question is, whose do you like more?

1029_ciara_insetThat's Ciara's on the left and Kim's new on in the middle. While the two have the same carats, Ciara's ring actually looks a lot like the one Kris Humphries gave Kim though (right), doesn't it?

Which is your favorite? Vote below:


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