Heidi Klum goes all out for Halloween, but this costume may be her best yet.

The sexy supermodel -- who's known for her elaborate getups -- had a team of makeup artists work on her look. She tweeted updates all day, and here's the impressive final look. Yep, after previously dressing as a giant robot, monkey, and Hindu god, Heidi decided to go as herself ... her eldery self!

"Little old me," the 40-year-old tweeted when the hours of work were done. The detail is amazing, from her wrinkles to her veins. Check out the photos, from start to finish, and her best looks from the past below:


In addition to her costumes, Heidi's known for hosting a star-studded party. This year's was held at Marquee Nightclub in New York City.

Check out the best celebrity costumes below and come back Friday morning to see even more ghoulish getups!


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