Kordell Stewart may be a retired quarterback, but it was his wife Porsha Stewart that made an offensive play on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Season 6 premiered Sunday night, and focused on Kordell filing for divorce from his wife of two years.

Porsha learned Kordell filed via Twitter, while they were still living in the same house. She recalled the embarrassing experience to her lawyer before breaking into tears:

Porsha and Kordell met off-camera for the deposition, and he turned down her request to get couples counseling, effectively ending all chances for a reconciliation.

A devastated Porsha sought refuge and advice with her mom and step-sister, and they blasted the ex-NFL player, hinting at the gay rumors that have been circulating him for years. What did Porsha have to say about Kordell's sexuality? Find out:

"He explained it away. "He tried to make me feel comfortable with it," Porsha said cryptically of the gay rumors.

"I didn't question he was gay or not because someone said it. Any reasons that I questioned it were things that I had experienced or seen," she added.

So is Porsha implying that Kordell is gay? She never said so explicitly, but the topic may be explored later this season.

As for Kordell, he didn't respond, but did tweet a personal quote last night that read:

"Sometimes in life you'll go through or have things thrown at you from every angle. Stay the course, it may be hard, but 'STAND' in it. As a believer you're already good and protected. So live and be proud in that place. Cause 'HE' will bring you out victorious. Not in the end, in the now."

Porsha and Kordell's divorce is still pending.


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