The Country Music Association Awards went down last night in Nashville -- and hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley were ready to take down a few big names.

The two skewered Miley Cyrus, Obamacare and even Julianne Hough during their big opening monologue, and went on to joke about Dolly Parton, Kellie Pickler and Luke Bryan.

But the attention wasn't just on the two hosts all night, there was also a lot of love for Taylor Swift.

Check out the 5 Can't-Miss Moments from the show below.

1.) We're Not Done Bashing Miley Just Yet

It's a road we've all been down before, but the Miley Cyrus-shaming continued during last night's telecast. First, Paisley said he "twerked" out his back. Then he thanked Taylor Swift for never "humping a teddy bear" ... which was followed by a country rendition of "Blurred Lines" that included the guys from "Duck Dynasty" twerking on Carrie Underwood.

2.) Obamacare Gets Dissed


Miley wasn't the only target that generated a huge response from the audience. Carrie and Brad also took aim at Obamacare, joking about how time consuming it is to sign up. The crowd loved it -- what do you think?

3.) Julianne Hough's Blackface Is HILARIOUS


During the opening, there was a bit about celebrity feuds, where Kellie Pickler "randomly" assigned country singers other stars to fight with. The biggest laugh came from Darius Rucker -- the one African American in the room -- when he was paired up with Julianne Hough, who just came under fire for doing blackface for Halloween. He was cracking up!

4.) Taylor Swift Is the Center of Attention


Taylor had a great night on Wednesday. Not only did she win the Pinnacle Award, which included an AMAZING introduction from George Strait, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley -- and a video featuring Justin Timberlake and Mick Jagger -- but she also really seemed to be enjoying herself in the audience.

During Florida Georgia Line's performance of "Cruise," Swift was dancing up a storm and singing along -- something she's known for doing during almost every awards show. The dancing starts around the 3:00 mark.

5.) CMAs Honor a Legend


While stars like Taylor, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean were all up for Entertainer of the Year, the trophy went to country legend George Strait -- and even he was shocked that he won.

"What?! Oh, my gosh, never in a million years," a genuinely surprised Strait said when he took the podium. But the standing ovation and cheers from people like Keith Urban proved why he should have won.

What did you think of the show? Check out all the fashion hits and misses in the gallery below!


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