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Lady Gaga
is ready for takeoff!

The singer debuted the "world's first flying dress," dubbed the Volantis, on Sunday -- and it's a pretty ridiculous piece of fashion.

You probably won't see too many of these things on the street anytime soon, as the "dress" is actually more of a personal hovercraft with a body-piece of the female physique on the front.

"I wanted to make today about something even more important to me. And what that something is the youth of the world," she said about the project at its launch. "Benjamin [the engineer] and Nancy [the designer] are here with me today. Their minds are just so boundless. They are so inspiring. Although she [Volantis] is a vehicle, she is essentially a metaphor for me."

Yeah, we don't know what that means either -- but it's still a really cool visual.

Check out the video above. Would you like to take Volantis for a spin? 


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