A new Kmart commercial is causing quite a stir!

In a 55-second ad, dubbed "Show Your Joe," a group of handsome men drop their pants and thrust to the tune of a "Jingle Bells," showing off their festive Joe Boxer underwear.

The common interpretation of the commercial is to think of the guys' "bells" swinging (pun intended). For this reason, the ad seems to have some viewers' boxers in a bunch!

Several angry customers have posted messages on Kmart's Facebook page -- some even threatening to stop shopping at the super store.

"Due to your choice of advertisement, I will not purchase anything from your stores this Christmas," a viewer wrote. "Your taste level has been shown through your "Joe Boxer" commercial and I will NOT reward you with my customer dollars for putting such distasteful commercials on TV for my children and grandchildren to be exposed to." 

Another customer added, "This rendition of Jingle Bells was very disgusting. It was offensive, perverted and vulgar. I trust you will take this from your advertising soon."

However, not everyone was offended by the ad.

"I think it is hilarious, watched it twice and laughed just as hard each time. People are freaking over it but sometimes you have to grab life by the "bells" and go with the flow!" a satisfied viewer said.

 Kmart has no plans to remove the ad. A Kmart spokesperson issued the following statement:

"The Kmart 'Show Your Joe' commercial playfully showcases Joe Boxer's men's clothing available at Kmart. We regret if some people found the commercial offensive, as that was not our intent."

We think the commercial is festive and funny, but what do you think of the racy ad? Tell toofab in the comment section below!

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