Channing Tatum may be ripped ... but he's not very limber! 

In a hilarious video parodying Jean-Claude Van Damme's famous Volvo truck split (which made rounds on the internet earlier this month), the actor tries his best to re-create the dangerous stunt ... on two craft service carts from the set of the upcoming flick "22 Jump Street."

Check out the hilarious (yet, slightly painful to watch) video above!

Props to the "Magic Mike" star for giving the crazy trick a try. Now, check out JCVD's video below to see how it's really done.

In Channing's defense, there aren't too many men out there who could pull off the splits like Jean. Tatum does however hold the title for 2012's Sexiest Man Alive -- that has to mean something right?

What do you think of Tatum's parody? Tell toofab in the comment section below, and check out some of our picks for this year's real "Sexiest Man Alive" ... because, really Adam Levine


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