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Courtney Stodden is the gift that keeps on giving ... and her latest interview will keep us entertained through the holiday weekend!

Keep reading to see what the newly single 18-year-old has to say about plastic surgery, her risque behavior on "Celebrity Big Brother" and, yes, getting her driver's license.

On getting married to Doug Hutchison at 16 ... and moving on:

"Most 16-year-olds instead of getting their marriage license, they get their driver’s license. I feel like I missed out on that, and the regular dating scene and having fun and going out. But I definitely feel like I’ve had an amazing experience as a young girl, but I’m excited to begin this individual adventure and embrace this independence.

I’m really looking forward to getting my life together, getting my license, getting a house eventually, meeting new people, working on my career."

On if she got DDs and lip injections to make Doug happy:

"I absolutely had my surgery for me. I don’t believe in going under the knife for anybody but yourself. The truth is, he didn’t want me to do it. I fought him on it. He did not want me getting surgery for anything, but I believe my body is my body. I think plastic surgery is really serious and you have to do it for yourself." 

On if she'd have more plastic surgery:

"When gravity starts taking place, yeah. Anybody who has breast implants has to go in every 8 to 10 years to keep them up, so I will have to go in and fix that here and there but other than that, no. I’m really happy with myself."

On Doug's reaction to her flirtations with Mario Falcone on "Celebrity Big Brother":

"He wasn’t very happy, I'll be honest. He wasn’t angry with me but I could tell he was so hurt. When I saw him, he had a poker face on and then when we started recapping the show and watching it together, I could see why he would be hurt. I didn’t know it looked that bad, but obviously it did. And that’s not how a wife behaves. I obviously was very apologetic and started crying. He said, ‘I couldn’t even watch it, I just shut it off.’ It was really hard for him to watch and I felt and feel really bad about my behavior."

Check out the gallery above to see Courtney's risque post-split photoshoot.

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