We realllllly liked Disney's brand new animated feature, "Frozen." And we're not alone

While it has very little to do with its source material, Hans Christen Ansersen's "The Snow Queen," the movie is a real treat and a must-see for the holiday season.

Kristen Bell
 provides the voice of Anna, a young princess who tries to save her kingdom from her powerful sister after she covers their homeland in snow and ice. As with any Disney flick, there are cute sidekicks, bad guys and a love interest or two along the way.

We know the movies will be very crowded this weekend -- so here are 5 reasons we think you should spend your money on "Frozen."

5.) Olaf the Snowman

Trust us when we say EVERYONE will love Olaf.

The adorable snowman pops up midway through the movie and goes on to steal every scene he's in. Perfectly voiced by Josh Gad, the pint-sized Frosty blissfully dreams to see summer in one of the most bizarre (but awesome) musical numbers in Disney history. You'll be rooting for him ... and your kids will want the stuffed animal STAT.

4.) The Music

The cast is packed with Broadway stars like Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Santino Fontana and the aforementioned Gad, who all sing some very catchy tunes. And Kristen Bell proves she can hold her own alongside such strong company.

Yes, some of the musical number setups are a little clunky, but good luck getting "Let It Go" out of your head after seeing the movie.

3.) The Visuals 

"Frozen" is one of the most classic-looking Disney movies in years, evoking the look of "Sleeping Beauty" with its picturesque setting, vibrant colors and intricate detail on everything from the clothes to the castles.

But the movie truly shines when everything gets blanketed in ice. It's a beautiful sight -- and the 3D snow only enhances it all.

2.) The Short Film "Get a Horse!"

You're in for a treat before "Frozen" even starts, thanks to a new short film "Get a Horse!"

It may be one of the most whimsical things we've seen in a while, seamlessly mixing old-school Mickey Mouse animation with brand new 3D technology. It even uses archival recordings of Walt Disney to provide the little rodent's voice!

You'll be impressed, it's a must-see.

1.) You've already seen "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"

You could go see Katniss kick ass for a second (or third) time ... but with that film's bleak ending, don't you want something a little more uplifting this holiday weekend? Yeah, we thought so.

"Frozen" opens today.

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