Uh-oh, Britney Spears may be a little clingy.

The singer appears on today's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," where she was put in the hot seat about her new boyfriend, David Lucado.

After revealing how the two initially met and if they spent that first night together (watch the video to find out), she explained that although she "loves" him, the two had a big fight before her interview with Ellen.

What sparked the feud? Typical boy stuff: He didn't call her back for SIX HOURS.

Check out Ellen's hilarious reaction to Britney and David's "tiffy" in the video above. It's clear she made Spears a lil uncomfortable with some of the questions ... and we love it!

Later in the episode, Spears also talked about kissing Justin Timberlake and playing Spin the Bottle --and surprised the entire audience with tickets to her upcoming Las Vegas show:

In other Spears news, her latest album "Britney Jean" was released today. Click here for our track-by-track review of the solid dance CD.

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