Most women would be proud to be featured as the "Best Butt Ever" on a magazine cover -- but, not Evangeline Lilly!

"The Hobbit" star sat down with Conan O'Brien on Wednesday, where she opened up about her Women's Health cover, a cover she's not very happy with at all.

"They go, 'Best. Butt. Ever.' and they have an arrow going to your butt," Conan said, holding up the cover. "I'm just curious -- is that something they tell you before you do the shoot?"

"No!," Lilly exclaimed. "Do you think I would have done the shoot if they said, 'Oh, by the way, we're gonna say 'Best Butt Ever!' and put a big arrow to your behind?"

"You know, every woman is after a kind of classy image, I didn't want T&A on my cover. It's a women's magazine, not Maxim."

It's not the worst thing that could have happened, but we understand why the 34-year-old would be a little upset. What do you think about Evangeline's candid comments? 

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