Britney Spears is the "other woman." 

The pop star just dropped her new music video for "Perfume," which shows a very sad Brit Brit showing off her "acting chops."

Playing one half of an affair, Spears shows off her incredible physique in her underwear and little else ... while also finding time to plug one of her many, many fragrances.

Check out the 32-year-old's video for "Perfume" above!

The pop star has been tweeting up a storm in anticipation of her new single, and it seems like the video (much like the song) is pretty special to her. 

"Had to dig deep and really play with some acting chops for this one!," she posted over the weekend.

Interestingly enough, the video that was just released isn't the one the director, Joseph Kahn, wanted out there. He's been tweeting about a Director's Cut that will hopefully see the light of day.

So, what was removed?

Judging by the photos we saw from the set, Spears was supposed to shoot someone -- as she was seen firing a gun into a car while they were filming.
The final cut has no gunplay whatsoever. 

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