Jon Stewart just got owned ... on his own show!

The guys of "Anchorman" and "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" stopped by "The Daily Show" on Wednesday, where they got into one heated exchange with Stewart over some fruit and champagne.

Check out the hilarious video above!

Steve Carell used to work for Jon, so the talk show host gave Carell the celebrity treatment by bringing out his favorite snack (handpicked pineapple from Chile) and a special spritzer for the interview.

But when Will Ferrell decided he wanted to partake in the delicious treat, all hell broke loose on set!

The cast has been on one amazing press tour -- Will even penned a book as the title character Ron Burgundy and the rest of the guys have been bringing the laughs by performing "Afternoon Delight" at various premieres. 

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"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" is in theaters now! 

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