Britney Spears let cameras inside her world on E!'s "I Am Britney Jean" -- giving us an inside look at her life, loves and brand new Las Vegas show.

The 2-hour movie followed Spears as she prepared for her upcoming residency at Planet Hollywood.

While not entirely deep or thought provoking (and more of a glorified commercial for her show), it was fun enough and offered some insight into her empire -- which she actually appears to have some control over.

The "Piece of Me" show starts Friday, December 27 in Vegas -- and toofab will be there! Be sure to come back Saturday for our full concert review!

And keep reading for the 13 biggest takeaways from the 2-hour special.

1.) Britney LOVES Cheesy

No, we're not talking Cheetos. 

When asked what kind of show she wanted her Vegas extravaganza to be, Spears said she wanted it to be "very dramatic and over the top" -- adding, "I think cheesy is good. Extra cheese, honey!"

She also said she appreciates "simplicity" as well.

2.) Expect a Lot of Dancing

Britney's choreographer, Anthony Ginandjar, said the singer is still a dance pro.

"The way she retains choreography and picks up choreography is really fast," he said during a confessional -- adding that she was going amazing consider the "short amount of time."

She was seen doing some moves for "Toxic," and she's still got it.

3.) The Set List Is Impressive!

Britney and manager Larry Rudolph were seen approving the final set list -- and it included hits like 
"Work Bitch," "Womanizer," "3," "Oops," "...Baby One More Time," "Me Against the Music," "Slave 4 U," "Toxic," "Circus," "Scream & Shout," "Till the World Ends," "Piece of Me," "Boys," "Lucky," "I Wanna Go," "Perfume" and "Stronger."

She also mentioned wanting "Passenger" on the list, and "Alien" will be added to the set later, after it's released as a single.

In total, there will be 24 songs in the show.

4.) Britney Loves Sex

While she sings a lot about sex, it's not something she talks about that much. 

But in a rare admission, she told the camera "I love sex, I think sex is great" -- before adding that she feels "a little different about it now that I'm older. Sometimes I feel like I'm 20 and sometimes I feel like I'm 50. 

5.) The Show Will Be Ridic -- And She WILL Get Wet

During planning of the set and props, it was revealed the show will open with Britney emerging from a giant sphere.

The performance itself will have 7 sections, including magic show and jungle-themed set pieces.

At one point, Britney  will bungee jump off a giant tree through water that may or may not "light on fire as it falls." When told it would be a 15 foot jump, she exclaimed "We need a bigger tree, I want to be dangerous!"

There will also be 53 projectors, projecting videos around the entire theater.

6.) Britney's Dad is MacGuyver 

When the air conditioning when out in Britney's trailer during the "Work Bitch" music video shoot, her dad Jamie went to work and made what he called a "redneck air conditioner" by using a ton of duct tape and tubing. 

"We don't go anywhere without duct tape," he adorably added. He's got her back!

Later, during the "Perfume" shoot, she made her dad disappear -- because she was uncomfortable with him watching her make out with the male model in the video. 

7.) The Reason Behind the British Accent

Turing her quick promo tour of the UK, Spears gave us some insight into why she occasionally talks with a British accent.

"My grandmother, she was from London," Spears explains. "She was always very proper and very together so maybe I get it from her a little bit. Hearing the sound of it, it just puts you in a jolly mood."

8.) Spears Remembers the Bad Years

In one of the few moments to allude to her troubled past, Britney touched on some of the crazier paparazzi moments in her career.

"There was a time in my life when I couldn't leave the house without 20 cars following me. It was a difficult time, I felt very alienated from the public," she says.

"It was a trying time, it was confusing for me," she continues. "I'm a shy person and I'm particularly not made for this industry because I am so shy. I don't deal with it so well."

9.) Brit's Particular About Her Costumes

The pop star will make at least 7 costume changes during the show -- and she has a lot of say over what makes the cut.

After designer Marco Marco made two different versions of an opening number ensemble, she nixed it completely, meaning it was back to the drawing board. "I'm not saying its good to be a bitch, but it's better to speak up and say whats on your mind," she said afterwards.

Looking back, she said she "wore a lot of really ugly things" for her first tour -- and went "raunchy" for the Onyx Hotel tour. Of this show, she says she "wants them to be a little more exciting" than the Femme Fatale outfits.

10.) Brit Almost Broke Her Neck

OK, not really ... but we did learn about something called "Dancer Whiplash."

Apparently, it's comparable to actual whiplash and is caused by extreme dancing. "I kinda overdid it and I hurt my neck," Spears explained. "I just knew I almost broke my neck. I knew it was serious damage."

The remedy: Put peas on your neck!

11.) Jamielynn Is One Tough Sister

"I can kick her ass, any time of the day," Jamielynn said about Brit Brit. "I'll take her down anytime!"

Britney didn't argue with that one -- admitting "We have gone to battle a couple of times and I will have to say she is very very strong, like surprisingly strong. She nails me to the ground every time."

12.) Britney Has Faith

It should come as no surprise to anyone who's followed her career, but Ms. Spears is a woman of faith.

"I believe there's other forces out there other than us," she revealed. "Angels, guardians, protectors. I definitely believe in Heaven, I know there is a place beyond our wildest dreams."

13.) So Far, No Sign of Actual Singing

This may be the most shocking takeaway of them all -- and it's more about what we didn't see.

During the entire two hours, there was absolutely no footage of Britney singing live. Maybe she's just preserving her voice during the run-throughs, but we were all promised live singing for this show ... not lip-synching.

Do you think we'll actually hear her voice during the real show? We'll see for sure when the show opens December 27th!

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