Jimmy Fallon hosted "Saturday Night Live" last night -- and it was one of the best episodes of the season.

With appearances from performer (and Fallon BFF) Justin Timberlake all over the place, plus cameos from Madonna, Barry Gibb and the return of some of our favorite sketches, it was the perfect holiday treat before the show goes on hiatus until January.

Check out our favorite five sketches from last night below!


Timberlake continued a legacy he started 10 YEARS AGO with "Omeletteville" with his 7th edition of his famous singing mascot sketch. This time he and Fallon were decked out as wrapping paper and a gift bag, respectively, as they threw down against another holiday gift wrapper.

We'll never get over those large hands!

"The Barry Gibb Talk Show" 

There was no way Jimmy and Justin would do an episode together without "The Barry Gibb Talk Show." 

Another sketch that originated in 2003, this episode marked the 6th time they've hilariously dressed as Bee Gees singers Barry and Robin Gibb.

This was the first time they've done the sketch since Robin's death in 2012 -- but, featuring surprise appearances from Madonna and Barry Gibb himself, there was no melancholy to be had.

"Christmas Album"

This one makes the list for Jimmy's spot-on impersonations of Harry Styles, Professor Snape and Pitbull. Yes, bald Pitbull. Hilarious!

"(Do It On My) Twin Bed"

The women of "SNL" took center stage for this hilarious music video, showing what happens when you bring your significant others home for the holidays.

Fallon's rap verse is impressive and we LOVED seeing childhood photos of the entire cast!

"Kimye Talk Show"

There was no Jimmy or JT in this sketch, but it was still hilarious -- and might be one of of our new favorite recurring skits.

This time, Kim and Kanye talked about Kardashian's brand new bikini bod and shared another hilarious music video. We'll take as many "Bound 2" spoofs we can get!

What did you think of last night's episode? Sound off below!

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