power might be going to her head!

The pop star posted a new photo to her Instagram account on Monday, showing her sitting in front of Leonardo DaVinci's famous "The Last Supper" painting. 

In the photo, Bey's blocking Jesus though -- and fans have started attacking the singer for disrespecting Christianity. 

Check out some of the heated comments from the Instagram page below: 

quilmil84: Ppl are so dumb up here it's disrespectful regardless if she said she was or not esp supposedly bring such a Christian woman right! Read a book ppl oh I forgot ya to busy downloading albums Smfh! This generation shot to hell literally

proverbs31woman: I just think she has crossed the line with the fatal Challenger explosion,the families affected and now this. When does her wisdom come into effect. Put yourself in those families shoes. You entertainers are all about self. 

kissnmakeup_tip: @beyonce You are so disrespectful !!! I Will Be Praying For U !!!! U ARE NOT JESUS !!!!! Smh Jesus is the truth, and the light...John14:6 ammiet1: Beyonce Blocks Jesus In 'The Last Supper' Painting: Is It Part Of Illuminati Conspiracy? 

chrizzy100: Beyonce posts Last Supper Instagram hours after Challenger XO apology she seems to hate everyone

Dxvidi: Beyonce is a rude girl. Using that Space launch accident in her track of XO Also using a club scenario of the last supper.

m_jeffriess: God see the lost souls. Pray for mercy. I don't judge Beyoncé, I rather pray for her.

arbella22: Blasphemy!!!!!!

This is second controversy to come out about the mother-of-one this week.

The singer also received flak for using audio from the 1986 Challenger accident in her music video for "XO."

Both NASA and the families of the Challenger's fallen astronauts have labeled the singer "insensitive" for using audio from the crash as a soundbite in her latest love song.

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