Joyce Giraud is sick of being bullied ... so, she decided to be the bully!

On Monday's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Joyce confronted Brandi Glanville about the ladies' Palm Springs trip (and tension) in the middle of Lisa Vanderpump's SUR dinner party. 

We almost feel bad for Brandi -- who arrived to the party solo -- because Joyce's husband got involved in the cat fight as well.

Check out the video below to see Joyce's husband jump in on the housewives' drama:

But the bickering didn't stop there. Later in the evening Joyce and her husband continued their Brandi crusade, calling the reality star "stupid" and a "racist." 

Check out the video below to see Joyce and Brandi's fighting words: 

Brandi took to her blog to express some of her feelings about the heated evening . 

"Joyce's husband should not have involved himself in that way," she posted. "He wasn't around for any of the issues. While a man should stick up for his wife -- that should never involve yelling at another woman. Did I really want to murder the ex-Miss Pureto Rico? No, but in my head, I was imagining knocking one of her fake teeth out in my head."

Whose side are you on? Vote below! 

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