This trailer is fan service at its finest ... and we're totally O.K. with that!

Ten years after graduating from Neptune High School, Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) and friends return for their reunion.

Of course, this being "Veronica Mars," there's also a murder that needs some solving.

The sassy sleuth is back on the case, trying to clear ex-boyfriend Logan (Jason Dohring) of the heinous charges against him, while throwing out one-liners and one epic punch in the face.

The Kickstarter funded flick opens March 14, 2014 and we're reallllllly interested to see how is does.

While fans of the original TV show will surely see it, there weren't that many of them when the show originally aired on UPN.

But now that Kristen Bell, Max Greenfield and Krysten Ritter are all bigger stars these days, will non-Marshmallows check it out too?

We know we'll be there! 

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