Khloe Kardashian is morphing into her sister, Kim Kardashian!

The 29-year-old debuted her new haircut on Saturday, sporting shorter and curlier locks as she went to a baby shower with Kourtney and Kylie

But it wasn't just her hair that had us thinking of Kim, but Khloe's outfit.

Khloe must have raided her older sister's closet, because she was seen wearing the exact same Calvin Klein Collection white knit sweater and matching skirt that Kim wore out to dinner just last weekend.

While Khloe paired her look with a tan jacket, Kim didn't cover it up. Both women used the outfit as an excuse to show off their equally impressive stomachs.

But, who wore it better?

Vote in the comments below -- and check out the gallery above to see more dueling dresses!

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