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Vanessa Hudgens
really transformed for her latest role! 

The former Disney star, who plays a pregnant runaway in "Gimme Shelter," opened up about her on-screen transformation in her latest interview with "The View" on Wednesday. 

Hudgens -- who gained 15 lbs and cut her long locks for the part -- said that she was completely invested in the role ... so much so, that she lost who she was even after the production wrapped.

"I was on such a high. But afterwords when we were done with the movie and I went home I realized that I didn't know how to be myself anymore and that I only knew the character. I looked in the mirror and all I saw was the character and I didn't feel comfortable in my body because I gained this weight. I was just so used to making myself so small and not feeling good about myself, so it took awhile [to get back to normal]," she explained to Barbara Walters. 

Even Vanessa's friends were concerned about her well-being while shooting the film.

"I had a panic attack, just because I don't like people getting hurt. There was one scene when I steal a car and I was supposed to drive as close to this guy as I could. He was actually my body guard while we were filming in New York and I just felt like it was a breach of safety for him and for myself, and it gives me anxiety just thinking about it," she admitted. 

"But I got back home and my best friend was over and she looked into my eyes and didn't see the same person. She was just so worried," Vanessa revealed.  

Eventually, the "High School Musical" star got back to her normal self and weight. "It took a lot of hard work and dedication," she says of dropping the extra lbs. "I love working out, though. I'm kind of a fitness fanatic. I love taking care of myself. I'm like an earthy girl," she added. 

We're definitely looking forward to seeing the 25-year-old's complete transformation in "Gimme Shelter" when it hits theaters! 

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