Angela "Big Ang" Raiola isn't afraid to spill her dirty secrets!

The "Mob Wives" star stopped by "Bethenny" to talk about everything from plastic surgery to going through menopause -- aka "The Change."

The talk show host even got a little fresh with the reality star!

"First of all, can I touch your boob? I want to understand what's going on," Bethenny asked Big Ang. "It's really like a Japanese melon, like those summer melons, it's like a Crenshaw, it's that size."

Not only did Bethenny cop a feel, but she also got Ang to reveal her plastic surgery secrets. Check out the video above to hear Ang's plastic surgery confessions!

The reality star also opened up about her trouble with menopause.

"Because I am going through the change, oh, I hate everybody," she explained. "Really, you are going through the change. Are you having the flashes and everything?" Bethenny asked.

"Terribly. I go to sleep with clothes, I wake up naked," Ang added.

Wow, this might be a little too much information -- but, there's more!

Check out the video below to hear about her much younger boyfriend, and watch Big Ang's full interview on "Bethenny" tomorrow. 

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